May 4, 2013
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Natural Acne Remedies

Natural Acne Remedies

Maybe you’re a teenager experiencing acne for the first time. Or maybe you’re an adult who thought acne would be a thing of the past by the time you reached adulthood. Acne is no less embarrassing and discouraging no matter what your age.

You may think conventional methods, whether that is pills, creams, or ointments, are the only way to see any improvement. Luckily there are several natural and safe methods that can improve skin without  the expense and potential adverse side effects of many common drugs.

Keep Your Face Clean

Start and end your day by washing your face with a sulfur-based soap that is made for treating acne. Be gentle when you do this, especially if your skin is tender with pimples and other blemishes. Don’t scrub very hard or use a rough wash cloth. Contrary to popular belief, overwashing will actually make matters worse since it stimulates your sebaceous glands to produce more sebum.

Additionally, even though you may want to do so to cover your acne in the first place, avoid wearing makeup whenever possible, as this contributes to clogging pores, which actually causes more acne. Apply a honey mask to your face a couple of times a week. This is great for healing and disinfecting due to honey’s antibacterial properties. It’s especially great for sensitive skin as it’s very gentle. You can even use a combination of honey, cinnamon, and nutmeg as a spot treatment.

Watch What You Eat

You’ve probably heard that diet can affect acne. This is true, but not necessarily just in a bad way. Including certain vitamins and minerals in your daily intake can help combat acne. Specifically, make sure to include the following in your diet: chromium, vitamin A, and zinc. Taking a chromium supplement daily can help heal pimples more quickly and prevent breakouts in the future, as it is great at healing skin infections.

Vitamin A prevents acne and strengthens the protective skin tissue. It also reduces sebum production and is essential to maintain and repair skin tissues. Additionally, it’s antioxidant qualities help rid your body of toxins. Deficiency in vitamin A can actually cause acne!

Luckily, this is easy to incorporate into your diet as it’s found in such common foods as carrots. Zinc is an antibacterial agent and not having enough of it in your diet could actually be causing breakouts. Eating foods rich in zinc, like meat and nuts, will help reduce your acne.

Since acne can also be an indicator of some internal imbalances, it can also be helpful to take a multi-vitamin daily to ensure that you’re getting the right nutrition. One way that vital organs fight back when they’re being neglected is to produce too much sebum, clog pores, and reduce your skin’s ability to heal and fight bacteria.

Hormonal imbalances can also be caused by diets that are high in saturated fat, salt, and sugar, so eating a well-balanced diet will help stabilize your hormones. You can do this by avoiding fried foods, fast food, candy, sweets, and processed foods and focusing on eating dark fruits like berries, in addition to citrus fruits. Fish, nuts, and leafy green vegetables all have a place in a healthy diet.

Additionally, try cutting back on caffeinated beverages, as stimulants like these can stimulate the central nervous system, causing hormonal imbalance and leading to more acne.

Don’t Touch Your Face

It might seem tempting, but DO NOT touch your pimples and blackheads. As much as you might want to pop or squeeze them, don’t! This increases sebum production and will only make matters worse. Plus, when you pop a pimple, you’re actually rupturing the membranes that are just below the skin and this can cause infection. On top of that, it can cause the sebum to spread to other parts of your skin, thereby giving you more pimples.

In addition to your hands, also keep your hair off of your face. The natural oils in your hair will reach your face and give you more breakouts. If you have long hair, keep it tied back, and make sure to wash it daily to cut down on the oils that will be in close proximity to your face. Even go so far as to wash your pillow cases several times a week.

This may seem excessive, but if you think about it, your face is pressed up against the case for hours a night, which means that it’s absorbing the oils from your skin one night, and then the next is reapplying the dirt and oils back to your face, which causes you to breakout. Keeping your bedding clean will help keep your face clean.

To Recap

By keeping your face clean and avoiding touching it with your hands and other oily things, focusing on a whole food-based diet rich in vitamins and minerals, you’ll be doing wonders for your skin.

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