Aug 4, 2013
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How To Prevent Acne?

How To Prevent Acne

Acne is the most common skin condition in the US, affecting more than 4 million teens and adults every single year. Characterized by pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and in more severe cases cysts and nodules, the condition is more than frustrating, and is oftentimes difficult to treat. Acne is categorized into mild, moderate and severe form, with more than 65% of all affected individuals with mild to moderate cases.

Acne is not contagious, nor will it cause any other serious health complications, but it is certainly not something you want to deal with in your future. With 8 out of every teens being affected by acne at one point or another, the best way to ensure that you are the oddball in the situation is to prevent acne before it occurs.

Acne cannot technically be prevented, but there are numerous steps that you can take to lessen the odds that you will develop the condition. When you take care of the skin it will take care of you! In order to remain clear-faced and pimple free you should follow all of those steps, and do it faithfully.

Keep Your Face Clean

One of the steps to take for acne free skin is to keep your face clean. While not technically caused by poor hygiene, acne is still triggered by this, as when you’re not cleaning your face dirt, dead skin cells, sebum and other toxins can form on the surface of the skin as well as underneath the pores. Now, there is a secret to washing your face…you need to wash only twice per day with a mild wash or soap, and you should never scrub as you run the risk of causing further irritation to the skin.

Wash your face in the morning and again in the evening for beautiful, acne-free skin. Use circular, gentle motions and cleanse for 30 to 45 seconds each time. Pat the face dry with a towel when you’re done and clear skin is in the future.

Use OTC Acne Products

A whole range of OTC acne products can suit all skin type and mild to moderate acne conditions. There are spot treatments, zappers, washes, creams, masks and so much more. Using these products regularly is the key to their performing to your standards. It is usually two to three times per day that your product should be used . Make a commitment to using it as directed or the results you want may not appear. Also, ensure that you find something that is designed for your specific type of skin.

Are you Wearing Makeup?

Makeup should not be worn at all whenever possible, and when it must be worn it should be worn sparingly. You should not wear foundation, powder or blush. It is a good idea to change the makeup that you are wearing and opt for something that is oil-free and non-comedogenic. Also, when you wear makeup all day long, make sure that it is removed before bedtime. Tons of irritation can occur if you do not.

Leave your Face Alone

Many people have a bad habit that can cause acne and make breakouts already present on the face worse and that is picking at their face and/or touching pimples and blackheads. This Is a big no-no, even when it seems like a smart way to quickly rid the blemishes from your face. When you are touching the face you are transmitting dead skin cells, dirt, bacteria and sebum and that is no what you want to do. Additionally popping a pimple can push bacteria back into the skin where irritation can occur and very serious results can happen. This cannot happen when you leave the skin alone and avoid touching it at all costs.

Stay Out of the Sun

Some people say that acne is actually helped by the sunshine but this is far from the case. In reality the sunshine can make the skin much worse. The UV rays can increase the redness and inflammation in the skin, and acne medications can make your skin more sensitive to these results. When you do need to go outside ensure that you protect yourself the best that you can. This includes wearing a hat and sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher. Also wear other types of protective clothing, such as long pants and shirts.

Acne isn’t Bothering me

This could be something that you are saying when you use all of the above tips and information to help you prevent acne. While the skin condition is very common and likely to occur before the age of 20. Those who take care of the skin are those who beat the odds. It is far too easy to prevent the skin condition than it is to treat it. Take these tips with you and use them wisely. You’ll be doing yourself a huge favor!

Acne No More

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